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""A thought provoking, high quality event with many key people form the industry providing first hand information and insight.""

Key Sessions At Europe's Leading Clearing and Settlement Conference Include:

Impacts On The Infrastructure. How Is Each Market Segment Getting Ready For T2S?

Brokers, CSDs, Central Banks, Custodians - what are they all doing to prepare? And how has the Euro-Crisis impacted readiness? This interactive polling panel will enabled you to see how you are shaping up to your peers...

OTC Clearing – Examining Capital & Operational Efficiencies

One of the hot topics right now...and likely to get even hotter as the year goes on. Are you up to speed with how this fast moving area is evolving?

Get new insights from clearing & settlement experts such as

Get new insights from clearing & settlement experts such as

Soraya Belghazi Secretary General ECSDA

Rafael Plata Secretary General EACH

Meike Ströter Head of the T2S User Management Section EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK

Christian Sjøberg Chief Executive Officer OSLO CLEARING

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(updated 2 July 2020)


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