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Why Sponsor or Exhibit at an ICBI Event?

ICBI’s expertise is in gathering together the highest calibre, most comprehensive gathering of industry professionals in each of the industry sectors in which we operate, and ensuring that all the key links in the food chain are represented. With this in mind, if your organisation is seeking an effective and highly cost-efficient means of targeting a certain group of individuals within any of these industries, then we’d love to talk to you!

- aligning yourself and your firm with thought-leadership: introduce one of our industry keynotes
- demonstrating your knowledge: participate with industry experts in a panel discussion in one of our focussed breakout sessions
- extending your profile in your focussed area: chair an entired stream session where you can introduce session participants and field questions
- hosting a popular networking or notable new content feature that people will associate with your brand eg The Speaker & VIP Area, Coffee House Discussions, An Audience With Sessions, or Focussed Peer To Peer Networking Sessions
- capitalising on the early receipt of delegate contact information: planning to host key clients and prospects via your own Private Lunch, Cocktail Reception or Dinner. We may also be able to help you with KeyNote speakers to make it event more memorable
- leveraging business development opportunities: hold pre-arranged meetings in your own private meeting room at the conference
- promoting new or existing products and service lines via a space in our exhibition hall
- create more awareness of your organisation via one of the many branded opportunities at the conference.

We have many years experience knowing what our delegates - your customers - like or dislike about how firms present themselves and their offerings.  We are happy to guide you with the best positioning for your firm.

Let us help you achieve your objectives for the coming year!

Contact Edward Jones on +44 (0)20 7017 7223 or [email protected].