Changing Times for European Clearing and Settlement

An expected wave of European regulation; more competition; pressure on costs and fees; a new focus on risk – all this and more will covered at ICBI’s flagship 17th annual clearing and settlement event.

Event Background

The regulatory focus on clearing and settlement is not new.  Reforms have long been underway in Europe to harmonise cross-border settlement, spur competition between clearers and increase the ability of market participants to choose where their trades are cleared.  The initiatives are aimed at reducing post trade costs in Europe and levelling the playing field with the US. And the post trade industry is going to face other major issues in the coming months, due to the realities of the new financial landscape: 

  • an increased focus on risk management at broker dealers and custodians
  • a new focus on cost and so a re-examination of business models
  • commoditisation of transactions
  • renewed call for harmonisation to drive costs down
  • even more emphasis on user choice

So what will determine who will be the winners and losers in the changing post trade landscape?  How can you ensure that you emerge from the gloom fighting fit and stronger than ever?  These and more hot topics will be covered at ICBI’s ECS conference, which features 40+ of the most influential figures in the industry and debated the most topical issues with 120+ of your peers from across Europe and beyond 

ICBI Event

Key Speakers

Henry Raschen Chairman T2S UK NATIONAL USER GROUP
Rory Cunningham
Rory Cunningham Chair of the Executive Committee EACH
Godfried De Vidts Director of European Affairs ICAP
Marco Strimer CEO SIX X-CLEAR AG
Jean-Michel Godeffroy Director General for Payment Systems and Market Infrastructure EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK
Mark Gem
Mark Gem Exec VP Business Mngt & Exec Board Member CLEARSTREAM BANKING
Patrick Pearson Head Of Unit, Financial Markets Infrastructure EUROPEAN COMMISSION
Goran Fors
Goran Fors Global Head of Custody Services SEB

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