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Spotlight Series: Anne Glover warns LPs that if their courage fails them, they’ll miss out

December 6, 2020

Anne Glover, CEO, Amadeus Capital, took part in an expert panel debate entitled, ‘Future Money Makers. Can you rely on money-makers for the future?” The panel questioned what is the glue that binds a partnership together and which aspects will ensure the team survives to manage out the fund’

Joining Ms Glover to debate the topic were Hans Lovrek, Partner, Commenda, Guillermo Borda, Managing Director, BAML Capital Access Funds and Kaarina Suikkonen, Investment Director Private Equity, Feri Institutional Advisors.  Rhonda Ryan, Head of Private Funds Group Europe, Pinebridge Investments moderated.

In an interview with Mark O’Hare, PREQIN, Anne issues a warning to LPs that entrepreneurship is alive and well in Europe and needs to be invested in.

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