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Spotlight Series: Richard Wilson on why the AIFM directive is only the beginning

December 16, 2020

Spotlight Series: Richard Wilson, Senior Partner, Apax Partners, took part in an expert panel debate entitled ‘Regulation. Assessing recent and forthcoming changes to the global regulatory landscape - Examining the burden of compliance, the impact on cross-border investing and how it will affect GPs and LPs

Other experts debating the issue were Urs Wietlisbach, Partner & Executive Vice Chairman, Partners Group, Didier Millerot, Deputy Head of Unit, Asset Management, DG Internal Market & Services, European Commission and Marco Wulff, Director, Capital Dynamics.  The moderator was Josh Lerner, Jacob H Schiff Professor of Investment Banking, Harvard Business School.

In an interview with Josh Lerner, Harvard Business School, Richard discusses the approval of the AIFM and looks at the potential impact of future legislation.

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Spotlight series: Andrew Yan explains why Asia has become a hot spot for private equity

December 14, 2020

Andrew Yan, Managing Partner, Saif Partners joined a panel of experts debating how the domestic RMB market will evolve

The panel was moderated by Joseph Fodor, CEO, China Select Capital Partners and also included John Zhao, CEO, Hony Capital; Hao Wu, Partner, Sino-Century China Private Equity; Margaret Shao, Managing Partner, Shenzen Fortune Venture Capital and Roman Shaw, Managing Partner, DT Capital Partners.

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Spotlight series: Daniel H. Mudd discusses how the hedge fund and private equity managers at Fortress Investment Group complement each other

December 10, 2020

Daniel H. Mudd, Chief Executive Officer, Fortress Investment Group, took part in an expert panel debate entitled ‘Is this the End of the Mega Fund? How are GPs adjusting to a post-leverage world & how will they generate value.’

Other experts involved in this debate were Steven Costabile, Managing Director, Head of Private Equity Funds Group, Pinebridge Investments, Hisham El-Khazindar, Managing Director & Co-Founder, Citadel Capital and Steve Pagliuca, Managing Director, Bain Capital.
This debate was moderated by Josh Lerner, Jacob H Schiff Professor of Investment Banking, Harvard Business School.

In an interview with Josh Lerner, Daniel discusses how the hedge fund and private equity managers at Fortress Investment Group complement each other.

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Spotlight series: Lord Falconer explains why we need innovation and a growth plan alongside the deficit reduction programme.

December 8, 2020

Lord Falconer Senior Counsel, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher and Former Lord Chancellor of the United Kingdom, gave a talk entitled ‘Government Perspective. Successful Financial Regulation After Financial Meltdown: What Role Can The State Play To Create & Maintain A World Financial Centre?’

SuperReturn Africa 2010 - A full news roundup

December 6, 2020

SuperReturn Africa 2010 drew to a close last week and we would like to thank all the delegates, speakers and sponsors for making the conference a very successful and hugely enjoyable event.

In addition to the coverage of the event, we’ve gathered the leading articles and commentary from business news websites to give you a comprehensive review of big industry issues tackled this year.

A Twitter roundup

@SuperReturn: Badreldin: 300-400 HNWI & families been “doing the tour” investing Asia/Latam. #MENA must capitalize group’s next investing spree. #sraf10

@SuperReturnKate: Room absolutely full at SuperReturn Africa for Egypt Summit. Clearly a great deal of interest in the country

@SuperReturnKate: Egypt; there is something in it for everyone says Mark Rorison of CI Capital at SuperReturn Africa, Cairo

@SuperReturnKate: Many investors planning on investing in Egypt in next 2 years. Show of hands at SuperReturn Africa Egypt Summit #SRAF10

@DailyNewsEgypt: SuperReturn Africa highlights investment opportunities in Egypt

@SuperReturn: Our key markets in the region are Turkey, Egypt and Saudi; Hassan El-Khatib of The Carlyle Group speaking at SuperReturn Africa #sraf10

@SuperReturn: Mansour Kelada Antoun of Vantage Capital compares Egypt and S. Africa at SuperReturn Africa. What parallels are there for investment #sraf10

@SuperReturnKate: Asian investors looking at Egypt as a route into Africa from Egyptian platform. Karim Helal speaking at SuperReturn Africa #sraf10

@AhramEgyptDaily: Private equity competition rife in region:Speaking @ #SuperReturn #Africa — a private equity & venture ca #Egypt

@SuperReturnKate: SuperReturn africa kicks off with 200 delegates from Africa, Europe, Asia, Middle East and US #sraf10

@Cairo_News: Citadel Capital hosts inaugural SuperReturn Africa conference in Cairo

@SuperReturn: Journalists report on traffic accidents and not traffic says Richard Dowden, Africa Society at SuperReturn Africa #sraf10

@SuperReturnKate: Citadel Capital creating transport corridor between Cairo and Mombasa detailed by Ahmed Heikel. Fascinating project - wish them well #sraf10

@SuperReturnKate: What changed Africa? Number one was China. Economically very good for Africa, says Richard Dowden #sraf10

@SuperReturn: Chinese can take the heat. Africa is no problem for them according to Richard Dowden #sraf10

@SuperReturnKate: Number 2 agent for change the mobile phone says Richard Dowden #sraf10

@SuperReturnKate: If you don’t get in now you will regret it says Richard Dowden at SuperReturn Africa #sraf10

@SuperReturn: Ecobank is a bet on Africa says Arnold Ekpe at SuperReturn Africa #sraf10

@SuperReturnKate: Citadel Capital drinks reception at SuperReturn absolutely beautiful on roof of hotel overlooking Nile. After parties also rocking #sraf10

@SuperReturnKate: Bob Geldof to speak today at SuperReturn Africa - we are all excited and star struck #sraf10

@SuperReturn: Financial crisis less severe in South Africa than US Europe says Colin Rezek of Vantage Capital at SuperReturn Africa #sraf10

@SuperReturn: There are several funds of funds here at this conference which is a good sign says Barbara Brereton, OPIC at SuperReturn Africa #sraf10

@SuperReturnKate: Sarah Yang of China Development Bank now speaking at SuperReturn Africa in Cairo #sraf10

@SuperReturn: We need your help in finding projects says Sarah Yang of China Development Bank speaking at SuperReturn Africa #sraf10

@SuperReturn: It is a myth that we are not getting good returns from developed market private equity says Janusz Heath of Capital Dynamics #sraf10

@SuperReturnKate: It is pressure from our investors that is making us invest in Africa. They are asking us about it says Pat Dinneen Siguler Guff #sraf10

@SuperReturnKate: International LP panel say they are here to gather information. Definitely come to the right place SuperReturn Africa #sraf10

@SuperReturn: Shopping malls are really good for development; Jean Marc Savi de Tove CDC Group speaking at SuperReturn Africa #sraf10

@SuperReturnKate: Sir Bob Geldof giving an inspirational speech at SuperReturn Africa #sraf10

@SuperReturnKate: Makes conference attendees realise that what they are doing is phenomenally important #sraf10

@SuperReturn: SuperReturn Africa wraps up 3 days of truly inspirational discussion. If you are not in Africa yet, you should be. We are! #sraf10

@SuperReturnKate: Off with conference team for night out in Cairo. Delegates have been very helpful with top tips of places to go. #sraf10

@SuperReturnKate: Fog in Cairo has been pretty bad the last couple of days. Hope we make it out. What about snow in Heathrow? Yikes! #sraf10

@SuperReturnKate: May be here longer than anticipated. Time for a camel ride methinks? #sraf10

Press Coverage

Citadel Capital - Citadel Capital Hosts the Inaugural SuperReturn Africa — A Landmark Event on the Continent’s Private Investment Outlook

Citadel Capital (CCAP.CA on the Egyptian Stock Exchange), the leading private equity firm in the Middle East and Africa, is lead sponsor of the inaugural SuperReturn Africa conference in Cairo this week. The three day event taking place from 29 November to 1st December 2010 at the Fairmont Nile City is a response to rapidly rising global interest in investment opportunities driven by robust long-term growth expectations for the continent.

“It is imperative that investors look beyond past perceptions to realize that today’s economic reality is fundamentally different than any in memory. The world economy is witnessing a fundamental structural shift toward the developing world,” said Ahmed Heikal, Chairman and Founder of Citadel Capital, in opening remarks. (More here).

The Daily News Egypt - SuperReturn Africa: Private equity conference debuts in Egypt

CAIRO: Expectations are high for the first SuperReturn Africa conference, which kicks off Nov. 29 and goes through Dec. 1 in Cairo. The three-day event, to be held at the Fairmont Nile City hotel, will begin with opening remarks by the chairman of private equity firm Citadel Capital and will focus on state of play and potential for private equity and venture capital.

Representatives from Citadel Capital, CI Capital, the African Development Bank, the International Finance Corporation and many more will be on hand to offer industry insight. (More here).

The Daily News Egypt- SuperReturn Africa highlights investment opportunities in Egypt

CAIRO: “Private equity opportunities are tremendous,” Abdalla ElEbiary, Citadel Capital managing director, said at the SuperReturn African 2010 conference. The three-day private equity and venture capital conference, which opened Monday, is taking place in Africa for the first time.

ElEbiary noted that the Egyptian government has been diminishing its role in providing goods, while demand for them as well as services has been expanding due to a burgeoning population, which is maturing as a consumer, as well. (More here).

Middle East Newswire - SuperReturn Africa 2010 Conference Emphasizes Egyptian Investment Opportunities

On Monday, the three-day private equity and venture capital conference opened Monday, for its first time in Africa. Abdalla ElEbiary, Citadel Capital managing director, said that “Private equity opportunities are tremendous” in Egypt.

Ahmed Badreldin, executive director of Abraaj Capital, said that his company is investing in the healthcare industry.  Abraaj already owns a 50 percent share in a Turkish hospital group. (More here).

The Daily News Egypt - CI Capital’s Karim Helal on emerging markets’ private equity allure

‘…Helal’s firm, amongst others, is sponsoring the upcoming SuperReturn Africa conference, a private equity and venture capital focused event, from Nov. 29 to Dec. 1 in Cairo. The organizers, Helal said, wanted an Africa-focused conference because the continent is considered the “last consumer frontier.”

Seeking to capitalize on an opportunity, Helal helped lure the conference to Egypt rather than Johannesburg, South Africa as was initially intended, noting that via his connections to the event’s organizers, he was able to persuade them of Egypt’s key significance to the rest of the continent’s economy. (More here).

The Daily News Egypt - Private equity competition rife in the region

The private equity market is growing too fast, there is only so much ‘sand in the box,’ and there is more competition than before in the market,” Karim Sadek, managing director of Citadel Capital, said Tuesday.

Speaking at the SuperReturn Africa — a private equity and venture capital conference taking place for the first time in Egypt — Sadek added that “it will take time for people to get used to investing” on the continent. (More here).

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Spotlight Series: Anne Glover warns LPs that if their courage fails them, they’ll miss out

December 6, 2020

Anne Glover, CEO, Amadeus Capital, took part in an expert panel debate entitled, ‘Future Money Makers. Can you rely on money-makers for the future?” The panel questioned what is the glue that binds a partnership together and which aspects will ensure the team survives to manage out the fund’

Joining Ms Glover to debate the topic were Hans Lovrek, Partner, Commenda, Guillermo Borda, Managing Director, BAML Capital Access Funds and Kaarina Suikkonen, Investment Director Private Equity, Feri Institutional Advisors.  Rhonda Ryan, Head of Private Funds Group Europe, Pinebridge Investments moderated.

In an interview with Mark O’Hare, PREQIN, Anne issues a warning to LPs that entrepreneurship is alive and well in Europe and needs to be invested in.

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Spotlight series: Chihtsung Lam cites Vietnam as an interesting emerging market.

December 3, 2020

Chihtsung Lam, Managing Director, Axiom Asia Private Capital moderated a panel of experts at SuperReturn Asia 2010 to compare the opportunities & risks across the Asian region.

Joining him on the panel were Jean Eric Salata, Founding Partner & CEO,Baring Private Equity Asia; KY Tang, Chairman & Managing Partner, Affinity Equity Partners;  Atul Kapur, Managing Partner, Everstone Capitaland Mark Chiba, Group Chairman & Partner, The Longreach Group.

In an interview with Beverly Chandler, Chihtsung Lam describes the views raised by the panelists and details his company’s plans for the future.

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Will The Large Amount Of Capital Pouring Into Brazil Eventually Push Up Valuations To An Unsustainable Level?

December 2, 2020

An article by Antonia Henbest

‘We will match international valuations very shortly.’

- Brazilian GP

The problem with discovering an unspoilt paradise is that sooner or later somebody else turns up and the tranquillity becomes compromised. This is the current worry for those investing in Latin American private equity, and specifically in Brazil. With a growth rate of 7%, a stable political environment, a young workforce that is better educated and better off than the previous generation, Brazil is having its moment in the sun. This is obviously welcome news for the country’s fund managers who have had to convince investors that the misdemeanours and turmoil of the nineties were not an accurate reflection of the country’s true potential. However, some are undoubtedly concerned that the attention of the world’s private equity industry will effectively end the attractive pricing of deals in the region. The example of the other BRIC countries, such as India & China, where valuations have been steadily rising and hotly sought after, makes some small Brazilian players feel uneasy, ‘I don’t want all this money in Brazil!’ one exasperated Brazilian GP said earlier this year. Is there a magical middle ground whereby money flows easily into the country yet deals remains plentiful and good value? And for how long will this situation continue? Brazil’s fund managers are holding their collective breath.

Spotlight Series: Highlights from SuperInvestor 2010

December 1, 2020

SuperInvestor 2010 was a great success with over 700 senior attendees taking part in industry talks, expert panel sessions, roundtables, Q&A’s and speed networking. This video looks back at the highlights of the event in Paris.

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