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Nimble is good for fixed income funds

June 16, 2020

The expert faculty discussion had a tough time trying to ensure that fixed income is the darling of 2010-2011 at this morning’s opening session. Liquidity in a deflationary environment is the lost piece in the fixed income puzzle. Jeff Kronthal of KLS Diversified says: “We have had a long process of way too much credit so the fiscal restraint needed will be deflationary”. Elias Katz of Premium Point Investments, in the distressed mortgage environment, is continuing with his assumption that house prices will continue to be down: “We have no scenario for home price increases” he says. Dr Rajiv Sobti of Nomura Asset Management sees polarisation across the East West divide with the only location offering inflation trades in Asia. Robert Comizio of Viathon Capital  offers their solution - look to companies who are looking for finance. Kronthal observes that the regulatory changes have made Wall St a little scared. “We see very little liquidity, very little proprietary trading” he says. “The risk police are more actively involved. We envisage a low liquidity environment and going forward, if I were a large fixed income fund I would be very worried about my ability to transact and move positions.”

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