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Spotlight Series: Steve Friedman on Credit strategies and Double Dips

September 24, 2020

Steve Friedman, Managing Partner, EOS PARTNERS was a panellist on Global Economic Strategies entitled “What Strategies & Opportunities Should We Be Pursuing & How Can The Hedge Fund Industry Ensure That It Delivers In All Markets & Conditions?” moderated by Dr Chris Jones, Chief Investment Officer, KEY ASSET MANAGEMENT (UK) LIMITED. He was joined in the debate by Peter Clarke, CEO, MAN GROUP PLC, Bernard Oppetit, Chairman, CENTAURUS CAPITAL, Leda Braga, President, BLUECREST CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, Lee Robinson, Portfolio Manager & Co-Founder, TRAFALGAR ASSET MANAGERS

Speaking to the Spotlight Series, he explained that credit opportunities post crisis mean focusing less on illiquid long term strategies and more on event driven strategies.  While the US economy will grow slowly it should avoid the double dip, Europe may not be so fortunate.

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Spotlight Series: Bill Browder advises “proceed with caution”

September 13, 2020

William (Bill) Browder co-founded Hermitage Capital Management in 1996, and became the largest foreign investor in the Russian stock market. Then in November 2005, he was suddenly refused entry into Russia on the premise that he was “threat to national security.”

In June 2007, officers from the Moscow Interior Ministry raided the Hermitage offices, documents were seized and ownership of the Hermitage Fund’s Russian companies transferred to a criminal group. When Hermitage Capital’s tax lawyer Sergey Magnitsky testified about government officials involvement in a tax fraud that refunded US$230 million, that Hermitage had paid two years earlier, to the criminal group, he was imprisoned without trial where he died 11 months later.

In an interview with the Spotlight Series, Bill explains how he is working with international governments on his mission to lift the lid on corruption.

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Spotlight Series: Anne Sophie D’Andlau of CIAM, Quickfire Showcase winner

September 1, 2020

Anne Sophie D’Andlau, CIAM presented and won a Quickfire Showcase.

In an interview for the Spotlight Series, Anne Sophie announces the new Mergers Arbitrage Fund, CIAM will launch in August 2010 which will focus on officially announced transactions.  The fund will be based in Paris, listed in Luxembourg and denominated in Euros.  However US investors will have a dollar subfund available to them.

When asked how will CAIM hedge Euro exposure, she explained that its isn’t a concern.  They systematically hedge any position as soon as its taken into the portfolio so there is no FX exposure.

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