East Coast Bears…

A. Non was crowned the inaugural Poet Laureate of the Hedge Fund industry, but not without some stiff competition.  The runner up entry was East Coast Bears… an inspired pastiche of the Pet Shop Boys “West End Girls”.  We’re always on the look out for new talent so send us your sonnets and ballads whenever the markets move you to verse!


East Coast Bears

Comparing public art and what it tells us about public attitude-
outside manila stock exchange bear dominating a cowering bull,
London kinetic installation that could mean anything
(don't mention money) directly, franc bourse? 
New York just the bull so I was wondering
has the bear escaped or if there never
was bear in the American psyche? 
Sometimes you'd be better not being at all,  
bear on the loose,  
Dow in freefall.  
Bear is mad, very unstable 
Charging through chairs 
Biting through cables 
In a hedge fund, in an East Coast town.  
Call the police, there's a mad bear around,  
Running down underground to a stock exchange in an East Coast town 
Too many shadows, whispering voices,
faces on posters. Too many choices, 
if when why what,
how much have you got?  
Have you got it?
Do you get it if so how often 
And which do you choose,
the long or short option. ? 
Phone rings - Mr President! .. 
You're watching on the webcam!  
You hear I'm spreading rumours about a bear? There is no bear? Haven’t you seen  
the sculpture? 
Do I see the lady in Prada and guy in Gucci? Ok ok  
Phew it's all alright ladies and gentlemen you can go back to your desks there is  
no bear 
- unless?  There's an alleged but unproven 
June 29, 2020 Post Under: General

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