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Spotlight Series: Daniel Enskat, Strategic Insight on the future of the Fund Management Industry

August 20, 2020

Daniel Enskat, Managing Director, STRATEGIC INSIGHT was guest commentator for a panel debate entitled “INNOVATION IN PRE & POST-RETIREMENT PRODUCTS: How can we create products that deliver what they promise? Collaborating and competing towards a new European style 401k lifecycle product with Jervis Smith, Managing Director, Global Head of Client Executive, Global Transaction Services, CITI; Dominique Carrel-Billiard, CEO, AXA INVESTMENT MANAGERS, Andrew  Fisher, CEO, TOWRY LAW and Philippe Marchessaux, CEO, BNP PARIBAS INVESTMENT PARTNERS.

In discussion with the Spotlight Series, he reflects on meta trends with long term influence like the rise of the global middle class.  And the future of the Fund Management industry?  In the face of wars, natural disasters, sub prime crisis etc the Industry maintained 2bn/ day net flows for last 10 years; it is a very robust industry.

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Getting your hands on the cash

June 28, 2020

Daniel Enskat speaking at FundForum International 2010.

Daniel Enskat, head of global consulting at Strategic Insight, opened the Distribution Summit at Fund Forum 2010 with a swift summary of his latest research into the new rules in the post-crisis landscape. The global investment management industry is worth US$ 100 trillion and the largest piece at US$ 27 trillion is represented by mutual funds. “There have been flows of US$2 bn a day into the fund management industry” he said, but banks hold US$ 60 trillion in cash. “How do you get your hands on the cash?” he asked.

The money is coming from the high net worth client base, and a growing global middle class that is now increasingly coming from the emerging markets. As a sign of the times, Enskat told the audience that Bank of China has recently opened a new Chinese private bank in Geneva, staffed by the Swiss and offering a Swiss equity fund in Renimbi.

Never forget the importance of a good story, said Enskat. “Intermediaries love a good story and increasingly service levels are what matter to distributors. Post crisis, fund selectors want more power, more complexity, more concentration and they have a need for more tailored information delivery. The quality of the marketing material available is most important, said Enskat.

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