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Spotlight Series: Lawrence McDonald lifts the lid on Lehman’s

September 15, 2020

Two years on, and the financial sector is still hurting.  In an interview with the Spotlight Series, Lawrence McDonald explains the motivation to write his book “A collossal failure of common sense” and what can be done to avoid this happening again.

Lawrence McDonald was an integral part of a faction within Lehman Brothers that passionately tried in vain to stop the firm from heading down the road to destruction. Likewise, he also worked closely with Lehman’s credit derivatives team and saw first-hand the design and construction of what Warren Buffett termed as “Wall Street’s financial weapons of mass destruction.”

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Spotlight Series: Suzanne Duncan, IBM Institute for Business Value on the Customer Trust Gap.

September 1, 2020

Suzanne Duncan, Financial Markets Industry Leader, IBM INSTITUTE FOR BUSINESS VALUE presented new research on the “Plugging the Customer Trust Gap” for the NEW FUNDFORUM 2010 KEYNOTE RESEARCH PAPER OF THE YEAR.

In an interview for the Spotlight Series, she explains the key findings of the report and recommends advice over product as a key differentiator.

Spotlight Series: Daniel Enskat, Strategic Insight on the future of the Fund Management Industry

August 20, 2020

Daniel Enskat, Managing Director, STRATEGIC INSIGHT was guest commentator for a panel debate entitled “INNOVATION IN PRE & POST-RETIREMENT PRODUCTS: How can we create products that deliver what they promise? Collaborating and competing towards a new European style 401k lifecycle product with Jervis Smith, Managing Director, Global Head of Client Executive, Global Transaction Services, CITI; Dominique Carrel-Billiard, CEO, AXA INVESTMENT MANAGERS, Andrew  Fisher, CEO, TOWRY LAW and Philippe Marchessaux, CEO, BNP PARIBAS INVESTMENT PARTNERS.

In discussion with the Spotlight Series, he reflects on meta trends with long term influence like the rise of the global middle class.  And the future of the Fund Management industry?  In the face of wars, natural disasters, sub prime crisis etc the Industry maintained 2bn/ day net flows for last 10 years; it is a very robust industry.

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Spotlight Series: Mark Tennant, Honister Capital questions optimism

August 12, 2020

Reuters reports that the Bank of England has cut its forecast for UK economic growth and predicts that inflation would fall well below its 2 percent target in two years.

A day after the Federal Reserve downgraded its outlook for the United States, the BoE’s quarterly Inflation Report — the first since a harsh government budget in June — showed it too is worried about the durability of recovery from the worst recession since World War Two.

“Business and consumer sentiment have shown signs of softening, measures of financial fragility remain elevated and there is great uncertainty about the outlook for both the United States and our most important trading partner, the euro area,” Bank of England Governor Mervyn King told a news conference…

In an interview for the Spotlight Series earlier this summer, Mark  predicted this,  warning that we might not be out of the woods yet, questioning how we can wipe out 50 trillion dollars in wealth and only experience a recession on par with the 90s… surely there has to be more to come.

Mark Tennant, Chairman, HONISTER CAPITAL interviewed Dr. Joachim Faber, CEO, ALLIANZ GLOBAL INVESTORS for the THE MARK TENNANT CUSTOMER LEADERSHIP INTERVIEW 2010 at FundForum International 2010.  With a leading topic entitled “Weathering the Storm” they discussed how the decentralised business model has been an effective way to remain close to the customer, by-pass the worse aspects of the crisis and meet customer needs.

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Spotlight Series: Anne Richards, CIO, Aberdeen Asset Management at FundForum International 2010

July 26, 2020

Anne Richards, CIO, ABERDEEN ASSET MANAGEMENT participated in a panel debate on new asset allocation models for fund selectors at FundForum International 2010 with fellow CIO panellists Rick Lacaille, STATE STREET GLOBAL ADVISORS and  Christian Dargnat, BNP PARIBAS INVESTMENT PARTNERS and moderated by  Amin Rajan, CEO, CREATE-RESEARCH.

In an interview for the Spotlight Series, Anne discussed the double-edged sword that is volatility.  Government bonds have responded well but the Equities Market, with renewed fears about Greece, has experienced more difficulties.  Even in this market, there is more optimism (however cautious) than 12 months ago.

The real growth opportunities can be seen in Asia and Emerging Market economies where the fiscal situation is much better than most of the domestic markets.  Interest is growing in both Emerging Market Debt and Asian Fixed Income.

For the end investor, the key challenge is to responsibly inform them so they understand that volatility is a feature of all investment.  If they have chosen the correct strategy, a little volatility shouldn’t be an issue.  We must avoid the knee-jerk reactions of Q4 2008 (after Lehman’s), when investors panicked, sold out at the bottom of the market and then couldn’t benefit from market improvements in 2009.

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