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Managing success in a volatile market

June 4, 2020

Laurent Ramsey, chief executive officer, Pictet Funds

Laurent Ramsey will be speaking at FundForum International 2010

Laurent Ramsey is CEO of the investment fund division of the Pictet Group. He is responsible for a group that offers over 80 different products, mostly Luxembourg-based, and distributed over 25 countries to three main client groups. These are institutional clients, wholesale fund buyers, (mainly discretionary portfolio managers) and the retail networks.

Ramsey’s role covers product development, product structuring, product management, marketing and distribution. The only part that he is not responsible for is the actual asset management. Ramsey feels that there have been two main challenges over the last two years. “If we go back in time, our first challenge was to cope with the huge risk aversion that came throughout the sub prime crisis” he says. “We had to cope with clients moving out of any type of risky assets and back into cash.”

This Pictet faced by launching a new range of funds. “We launched a sovereign money market fund, covering all the currencies, which allowed us to capture a lot of the outflows in tough market conditions.”

Not only did it slow the outflows of money, Pictet found new clients during the difficult patch. “We could gain new clients because we had managed to launch such a conservative product offering at the time.” Read more »

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