Highlights / Key Themes

  • A NEW head ot head format comes to the Geneva Forum: in 2011 Professor Rigas Doganis will be interviewing Willie Walsh, CEO, British Airways.
  • Find out what the CEO of one of the world's leading and most troubled legacy carriers thinks about the future evolution of the Airline industry. Mr. Walsh will be answering your questions on the British Airways view on market development, economic challenges, the environment and passenger behaviour.

  • The NEW Financing Global Aviation Sessions, including the financial analyst perspective on the airline business, insight into the bank market capacity for Aviation and the outlook for Export Credit Finance (Tues. 22 Feb.)
  • This section of the conference will focus on the financing of global aviation from Export Credit, Asian banks and commercial lenders.

    • The new Bank Market Panel will shed light on how the financial markets view the aviation industry & what bank capacity exists to finance it? Featuring leading aviation bankers: Jose Abramovici, MD, Global Hd Aviation Group & Rail Finance, CREDIT AGRICOLE CIB, Patrick M. Käufer, MD, Debt Capital Markets, DEUTSCHE BANK SECURITIES and Alex Aupoix, Vice-President Asset Finance, CIC.
    • The use of Export Credit in aircraft finance is one of the most hotly debated topics on the 2011 agenda. We welcome a panel of speakers to consider a competitive solution to optimising this source for aircraft transactions. Featuring: Markus Ott, Head of Corporate Finance, DEUTSCHE LUFTHANSA, Gordon Welsh, Head of Aerospace, ECGD and Bertrand Grabowski, Board Member for Aviation, DVB BANK.
  • The NEW Forecasting The Future Of The Aviation Business Focus, featuring essential analysis from the Aviation markets most respected forecasters (Tues. 22 Feb.)
  • Geneva Forum delegates attend to find out the expert perspective on the future dynamics of the Aircraft Market. Answering the question what next for aircraft is Dr. Adam Pilarski. He will consider to what extent we are seeing a fundamental shift in market dynamics and whether we are reaching the tipping point between aircraft supply and demand.

  • The NEW Geneva Aircraft Manufacturers' Forum with a Quick Fire Showcase, profiling the new aircraft and latest strategy coming to market (Weds. 23 Feb.)
  • Find out what new aircraft are on the horizon and what is the latest strategy for airframe manufacturers. The Quickfire Showcase will give each manufacturer 10 minutes and a maximum of 5 slides to present their news. The showcase will then be followed by a panel discussion and audience Q&A.;

  • The NEW Special Guest Speaker - Rohit Talwar, CEO, FAST FUTURE with Aviation strategies for a fast changing travel sector & uncertain global economy (Weds. 23 Feb.)
  • The NEW Aircraft & Engine Leasing Strategy & Practice Working Group (Thurs. 24 Feb.)
  • This interactive presentation and discussion session will give participants the chance to define the future of the market with expert peers. An opportunity to thrash out key industry challenges and share in the expertise of market leaders from all sides of the industry, including:

    • Examining The Economic Life Of Aircraft: Are Aircraft Being Forced Into Early Retirement & What Are The Implications For Financing & Leasing Used Aircraft?
    • Inside The Evolutoin Of Engine Leasing: Examining The Growth Of The Engine Leasing Market & Where Can New Capacity Be Found For The Secondary Market?
    • Growing Opportunities In The After Market: Examining Alternatives To Re-Financing End Of Life Aircraft & The Growing Trend To Part-Out & Scrap
  • The NEW Managing The Cost & Regulatory Compliance Of Aviation’s Inclusion In The EU ETS Summit (Mon. 21 - Tues. 22 Feb.)
  • Airlines, lessors and financiers alike are preparing for the inclusion of Aviation in the EU ETS. How are airlines going to manage the operational challenges of adherrance to the scheme and what are the financial implications? To read more about this essential summit featuring speakers from The EU, BRITISH AIRWAYS and AUSTRIAN AIRLINES click here.

  • The NEW Drafting Standardized Legal Contracts For Aircraft Leasing Workshop (Tues. 22 Feb.)
  • This hands-on workshop will tackle a popular question from the aircraft leasing community: why there is no standardized documentation for aircraft lease agreement in the aircraft leasing world? To be hosted by representatives from the Legal, Lessor and Airline communities, the work group will establish the essential T&Cs; that can be agreed and standardized for all parties.

  • Want to know more?

Willie Walsh
Gordon Welsh
Gordon Welsh Head of Aerospace ECGD

Currently Head of Underwriting for the Aviation Sector at ECGD, Gordon has previously worked in banking and industry and held other roles in Government.

Markus Ott
Markus Ott Head of Corporate Finance DEUTSCHE LUFTHANSA

Markus is responsible for all the financing of the Lufthansa Group, including capital markets, leasing, project and acquisition finance. He is also a Managing Director of Lufthansa Leasing GmbH.

Bertrand Grabowski
Bertrand Grabowski Board of Managing Directors DVB BANK

Bertrand joined DVB in 2005. Under his leadership, a strong team effort has allowed the franchise of the Bank to expand to Aviation Asset Management, Aviation Advisory, Engine Tear Down  and have delivered further growth of the Tokyo based Aviation platform.

Adam Pilarski

Dr. Pilarski oversees AVITAS's valuation and consulting services and is responsible for supporting customers with traffic and economic forecasts, statistical analyses and strategic planning. He is the author of the book Why Can’t We Make Money in Aviation?

Rohit Talwar
Rohit Talwar Futurist FAST FUTURE

Rohit Talwar was profiled by The Independent as one of the top ten global future thinkers and is the founder of Fast Future Research. Rohit leads futures research, scenario planning and strategic consultancy projects in aviation, travel and tourism, telecommunications, technology and banking. 

Philip Scruggs
Philip Scruggs Chief Marketing Officer ILFC

Mr Scruggs manages ILFC’s worldwide aircraft leasing business, which includes over 200 airlines, 1,000 airplanes and over $5.2 billion in annual turnover.  Prior to joining ILFC, Mr Scruggs was an attorney specializing in leasing and asset based finance. 

Gary Fitzgerald
Gary Fitzgerald VP, Commercial AVINCO

At Avinco, Gary has bought, resold and remarketed a number of new and used commercial jet aircraft including A320s, 737s, A340s, A300-600s and 747-400s.

Andy Kershaw
Andy Kershaw Manager Environmental Policy BRITISH AIRWAYS

Andy Kershaw is Environmental Policy Manager at British Airways and has led development of the company’s climate change programme since 2003. 

Anton Novak
Anton Novak Manager Emissions Trading System AUSTRIAN AIRLINES

Mr. Novak he was appointed “Manager of Environmental Affairs” for the Austrian Airlines Group in 2007 . He manages public relations, the implementation of Carbon Offsetting, Star Alliance environmental concepts and Environmental Qualifications of the Company.


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