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Dates : March 2009
Venue : tbc

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Main Conference – March 2009
Summit – TBC
Workshop – TBC



Securitisation In Europe: Latest Developments In RMBS, CMBS, CDOs And Other Asset Classes
Unravelling the New Paradigm: The Impact Of The Liquidity Crunch On The Future Of Asset Backed Securities And CDOs

Thank you to all those that attended ABSummit 2008. Over three days the speakers and delegates explored the lessons learned from the liquidity crisis, and hunted for the next opportunities which will arise in the securitisation space. Originators and investors explained what would bring them back into the markets and the event was summed up on a positive note, that securitisation is an incredibly useful tool for the global capital markets, and is here to stay. 


In the ABSummit 2008 polling panel, delegates participated in an interactive session, to put their opinions forward on the state of the industry and the factors affecting business going forward. Delegates voted on 4 issues and put their responses to our panel of expert managers. The results of the poll were as follows:

1. Has the 2007 credit crisis changed the securitisation market forever?

-Yes   75%
-No   25%
-Don’t know  0%

2. When if ever will the securitisation market return to the heady days on 2006/7?

-Within 6 months  0.0%
-Within 1 year  4.5%
-Within 3-5 years  69.3%
-Never    26.1%

3. The crisis has had a very destructive effect in the investor base: How can demand capacity be rebuilt?

-Issuing more and better data      19.8%
-Changes in liquidity and the revival of the secondary market  38.5%
-More realistic pricing practices and models    28.6%
-Changes in ratings agencies business models    13.2%

4. What is the next shoe to drop in the continuing credit crisis?

-More hedge fund unwinds      53.8%
-CSO unwinds        9.9%
-Accounting treatment of conduits (AFS v Banking Book treatment) 9.9%
-Bank failures        26.4%

Commenting on the results were:

Jonathan Keighley, Managing Director, STRUCTURED FINANCE MANAGEMENT LTD 
Jim Irvine, Head of Structured Products, HENDERSON GLOBAL INVESTORS
Birgit Specht, Managing Director, Securitised Product Strategy, CITIGROUP GLOBAL MARKETS LTD
Simon Collingridge, Managing Director, Head Of Surveillance, EMEA, STANDARD & POOR’S

 Event feedback

"the conference was well put together"
Head of European Securitisation research at leading UK bank

"Thanks for the summit - interesting speakers and valuable to hear people share their views and experiences on the market turmoil following from the sub-prime crises"
Armine Schaefer, Manager, Securitisation, STANDARD BANK, Johannesburg

"There is a huge amount to learn at ABSummit 2008 from the biggest crisis yet to hit the industry!"

Jo Keighley,
Managing Director,