Written by Sophie van Straelen

Once a year, the most prestigious CEOs in asset management attend FundForum International.  Such an event provides a unique opportunity to listen to key decision -makers, at a time where there are so many
The key topics addressed that I believe are crucial:  uncertainties on the future of asset management, FundForum International can bring a clearer picture on the new perspectives for the sector.

  • The rise of investment platforms
  • New investment paradigm such as China
  • Understanding the positioning of the big asset managers
  • Maximizing global distribution
  • The impact of regulation on product and demand in Europe
  • The trends in M&A activities

FundForum International also has the capacity to attract key market players such as Renaissance Technology and GLG Partners.  Fund managers from Nordic Countries, Italy, Germany, France and all around Europe are invited to share their market analysis.

Rarely does an event manage to bring so many CEOs around a table to discuss the future of their activities.

The fund management sector is at a turning point.  The margins are lower, the performances more difficult to capture and product innovation challenging.  The smaller boutiques are competing with the top players and the big Anglo-Saxon firms have adapted their offering to local markets.  Firms such as Templeton or Blackrock are leaders in the world and have embraced local investment cultures.

The investors are moving to Corporate debts searching for yields, and they are also exploring new investment approaches, such as increasing their capacity to outsource tactical asset allocation.  Investors are also looking at new themes such as Sharia and ethical funds.   They are questioning their appetite for risky assets, and question the absolute return model.

When you see CEOs or key decision makers in distribution or product innovation on stage, you understand why a firm is successful.  You can feel the energy and the insight from some, but in-turn you can also be shocked by some of the arrogance or old ways to see the business.  You can easily spot signs of excellence.

Finally, FundForum International is a place to challenge your service providers on their innovation, their ability to react to regulation, and to offer interesting solutions.

“I got a feeling” says a popular song by the band Black Eyed Peas; that’s exactly what you can get by participating in FundForum International, and that kind of insight has no price.

I look forward to meeting you in Monaco for the 2012 FundForum International.

Sophie van Straelen

Asterias Ltd

25 years in derivatives and asset management.